Date and time
24 Aug 2022 | (UK time) 10:30 - 11:30am

The webinar aims to raise awareness on the factors that make people with disabilities vulnerable to Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment and how to ensure people with disabilities are safeguarded in humanitarian crisis.

The webinar will discuss the vulnerability faced by people with disabilities during humanitarian crisis and their exclusion from programmes. It will also put forward recommendations for humanitarian actors to take to ensure full protection of people with disabilities from sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment and their inclusion in programmes.

Chair: Caroline Kibos

Caroline Kibos headshotCaroline Kibos is the National Associate for the South Sudan Hub. She is a lawyer with a passion for human rights, peace building, governance, transitional justice and security sector reforms. Caroline has worked in the civil society sector for years, and her interest in safeguarding is to help build a safe work environment where everyone feels comfortable and equal despite holding different positions.



Panelist 1: Henry Swaka

Henry Swaka is an experienced public speaker, an activist for disability inclusion, a preacher, singer and song writer. He is an expert in disability inclusion in both development and humanitarian settings. His professional background includes advocacy and capacity building. He is currently working with IOM as Protection Officer. Prior to this, he worked with Humanity Inclusion in the same capacity. Henry uses all available opportunities to advocate for disability inclusion. He used to present a programme in Arabic on SSBC titled “voice of persons with disabilities”. His songs about rights of persons with disabilities have challenged negative perceptions in society. He is the author of a report on disability in South Sudan which was submitted to the United Nations during the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in 2016. Henry has participated in national, regional and international conferences on disability inclusion and other topics. He was a panelist in a session on inclusive humanitarian action in the Humanitarian Congress Berlin in October 2018. Despite losing his eyesight as a child, Henry has risen above limitations and has become an inspiration to many.


Panelist 2: Atim Caroline O Atanga

Atim Caroline is an activist with hearing impairment and has a deeper understanding of African ways and social challenges of persons with disabilities. She is the founder and Executive Director of South Sudan Women with Disability Network (SSWDN) and the co-founder of South Sudan Deaf Development Concern. She was part of the group of persons with hearing impairment to introduce South Sudan Sign Language after independence and pushed for a constitutional recognition of sign language in South Sudan and bill of rights to support the representation of persons with disabilities. Caroline also worked as a Programme Coordinator in Sudan Women Empowerment Network (SSWEN) where she concentrated on inclusion to ensure persons with disabilities were not left out from national processes including constitution making process. Caroline collaborated with the European Union Commission in the management of funds geared to creating awareness on disabilities and improving relationship between parents of children with disability in the society; and participated as a board of advisers for Ma’Mara Sakit Village-NGO looking on issue of women in the country to try to transform the society perception of women. She was also part of the civil society organisations that participated in the High Level Revitalization Forum (HLRF) that birthed the revitalised peace agreement.


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