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8 Jul 2021 | (UK time) 11:00am - 12:00pm

Do you want to learn more about how to assess and mitigate safeguarding risks? In this Q&A session Oge Chukwudozie and Corinne Davey talk about the RSH risk assessment tool that has been developed in Nigeria. The webinar also discusses how organisations can use this tool to assess and address their safeguarding risks. The Q&A offers participants the opportunity to put questions they have on risk assessment to Oge and Corinne. If you have been experiencing challenges with identifying and addressing safeguarding risks, this Q&A provides an opportunity to get some tips on how you might address those challenges.


Oge Chukwudozie, National Associate for the Nigeria Hub

Oge Chukwudozie
Oge Chukwudozie is the National Associate for the RSH Nigeria Hub and a safeguarding/protection professional, with over 15 years experience in the aid sector. She has worked with different organizations, including Africare, Christian Aid and Save the Children. During her career, Oge has worked in various thematic areas but her expertise in capacity strengthening and passion for safeguarding has kept her focus on supporting civil society organisations in strengthening their safeguarding systems.


Corinne Davey, RSH Senior Technical Advisor

Corinne Davey headshotCorinne Davey is the Senior Technical Advisor on the RSH team. Corinne has worked in the aid and development sector for 20 years and specifically on safeguarding for 12 years. She was Director of Keeping Children Safe for five years where she led on revisions to the Keeping Children Safe standards and expanding the range of child safeguarding tools available to help implement the standards. Since 2015 Corinne has worked as one of the Directors for GCPS Consulting, supporting a range of clients to strengthen their safeguarding measures. Corinne is particularly interested in how organisations design and deliver programming work, developing tools to effectively assess and mitigate risks.


Ask questions and share your experience with assessing safeguarding risks in our Discussion forum.

Please also be advised that this webinar contains content on safeguarding, that some may find distressing.

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