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Members of Safeguarding Matters course sitting at a table.
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Safeguarding Matters Module 4: Getting complaints sorted

This is the fourth module of a five-part e-learning series on safeguarding. The series introduces key safeguarding concepts through the fictional story of Family Health Frontiers (FHF) a national civil society organisation and their partner Sure Health Africa (SHA) dealing with real safeguarding issues.

Your role is to engage with members of the FHF team as it responds to a safeguarding complaint, works with an investigator and learns lessons from an internal review of their safeguarding practices.

Learning Outcomes:

In this module you will continue with Family Health Frontiers (FHF) on their safeguarding journey. The module will address how safeguarding is covered in:

  • Receiving a safeguarding incident report and making an initial assessment;
  • Supporting the investigation process; and
  • Preparing and undertaking an internal safeguarding review to learn lessons and improve practice.

Study time: 1 hour.


This module is not an investigation training and will not equip you to be an investigator.

It shows the investigation process to help you understand the stages involved in an investigation.

It demonstrates the value of using external investigators and how to involve external statutory agencies safely, for example the police.


These modules contain content that you may find distressing.