RSH features a range of support services delivered by organisations and individuals that users can approach to support their safeguarding. You can view the Safeguarding Consultants Directory here.

The RSH provides information on each organisation or individual delivering support services so that users can search for a service through a range of options including geographical location, language, area of interest and services offered.

The organisations or individuals which are included on the RSH have gone through a three stage quality assurance process to ensure that they deliver services to a minimum standard. The quality assurance process has included:

  • a review of the type of materials they produce on safeguarding
  • references from previous clients and
  • either a discussion with the Capacity Development Team (CDT) at the RSH or an overall reference from one of the organisations being featured on the hub that the service provider’s work is to standard. 

Please note that the RSH has not conducted background/criminal record checks on the organisations or individuals featured on the hub. Users wishing to engage these organisations or individuals should conduct their own due diligence in this regard. For guidance on doing so, please click here.

If you want to apply or if you want to update your profile, contact our Resource Officer, Ejiro Jaja [email protected] on [email protected]

Types of services in the directory

The featured support services do not include service providers who deliver legal support services. A range of legal companies exist within national jurisdictions and across geographical boundaries who support the sector on employment law or advise on action regarding safeguarding incidents which are criminal in nature.

The featured support services do not include at this stage psycho-social support. The RSH is reviewing how such services might be featured on the RSH given that there are a large number of organisations which provide services for employee wellbeing or more generally for survivors of abuse.

Feedback and complaints

The RSH includes a mechanism to provide feedback on the support services obtained through the hub and also to make complaints and reports.

We would encourage you to provide feedback on the services you have sought through the RSH. Feedback on the support services provided to the RSH will directly to the organisation or individual providing the support service(s) as well as the CDT at the RSH. We will use feedback to strengthen service provision to the sector, the organisation or individual to improve their current services (where relevant) and the RSH to strengthen how we both conduct quality assurance and present information on support services. Access the service provider feedback form.

Complaints regarding the services identified through the RSH will be received by the CDT who will discuss the user’s complaint with the organisation or individual delivering the service. The CDT will withhold details of users where requested. Access the service provider complaints form.

Reports on actual or potential safeguarding incidences related to the organisation or individual delivering the service will be directed to RSH’s safeguarding lead who will act on the report in line with the RSH safeguarding policy. Access the service provider safeguarding incident form.


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