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Gender based violence/ Violence against women and girls
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Social Protection
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Founded in 2017, Proteknôn Group is a rapidly growing international group of 35+ senior child and youth experts who have extensive experience working in development and humanitarian settings. Proteknôn is derived from two Greek words: "in front of" and "child". As our name suggests, we are focused on advancing the care, protection and wellbeing of children and young people and their families. We do this by learning with and from children and young people of all ages, genders, backgrounds and capacities, as well as their caregivers and other duty bearers. We promote children’s agency and take a strength-based approach to supporting communities, organisations and governments to promote children’s development and wellbeing.  

Our vision for children and young people is matched by a commitment to, and complementary expertise in, safeguarding, safe programming, and protection from sexual exploitation and abuse for all members of affected communities.  We recognise that children, young women, widows, unmarried women, female heads of households, the elderly and people with disabilities are at greater risk of sexual exploitation and abuse due to their increased vulnerability and their reduced access to reporting mechanisms.

Proteknôn Group operates as a social enterprise. Proteknôn Consulting Group is a client-focused Limited Liability Company registered in the United States and Rwanda. Proteknôn Foundation for Innovation and Learning is a learning and innovation-focused charity registered in the United States (501c3) and Canada (non-profit).

With backgrounds in international human rights and humanitarian law, international criminal law, international development, social work, anthropology, public health and sexual and reproductive health, Proteknôn’s professional advantage lies in the inter-disciplinary nature of our expertise coupled with extensive fieldwork and academic experience. Within the field of safeguarding, we have:

  • Conducted global, organisation-wide surveys to measure staff attitudes and organisational culture vis-à-vis sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse;
  • Conducted in-depth community and survivor field research on SEA trends and the effectiveness and appropriateness of community-based reporting mechanisms;
  • Designed and delivered on-line, in-person, and blended PSEA training curricula and core PSEA training packages;
  • Managed safeguarding investigations;
  • Conducted safeguarding risk assessments and audits; and
  • Developed SEA report-handling guidance and a report-handling toolkit.

Collectively, Associates have worked in over 100 countries and have professionally fluency in ten languages, including English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Swahili and German.

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