To support NGOs in providing appropriate, rights-based- and culturally appropriate information, education, and communication materials on PSEA, UNHCR and ICVA have jointly launched the PSEA Outreach and Communication Fund. This Fund will provide rapid, targeted financial support to NGOs to develop and disseminate PSEA outreach and communication materials, and to make available to all IASC members and the wider sector the materials developed through the Fund for their further use or adaptation.

Last year the Fund received over 1500 applications and funded 19 projects in 19 countries (you can read about them here).

The Call for Applications is attached in English, Spanish and French. The deadline is 2 July 2021.

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Dear Mohamed, thank you for the comment. We would suggest that you write an email to ICVA to the email address provided in the call for applications, however, our understanding is that community-based organisations and non-governmental organisations are eligible.