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This document sets out the Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG) Health, Safety, Environmental and Social (HSES) safeguarding rules. These have been designed to ensure safeguarding processes are in place across all PIDG projects in order to protect the fundamental rights and wellbeing of workers and the worker community interface, specifically in regards to incidents of Gender-based Violence and Harassment (GBVH), Modern Slavery, and Child Labor arising in projects and the supply chain. The 10 standards include: 

  1. Human Resource policies 
  2. Project Safeguarding Code of Conduct 
  3. Recruitment Plan 
  4. Employment Terms and Conditions 
  5. Training and communication 
  6. Working environment  
  7. Freedom of association
  8. Security management 
  9. Community interactions and stakeholder engagement 
  10. Grievance mechanisms
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